About Us


Union and rural cooperative

We represent rural producers and around 470 farmers who work under fair trade rules to promote organic agriculture and those who benefit from fair prices, technical assistance in cultivation, social improvements in their communities through the generation of higher incomes that are invested in housing , schools and health services for farmers and their families.

We develop patented biotechnology to obtain important ingredients: organic agave syrup, a natural sweetener and organic agave inulin, a soluble signature of prebiotic effect. These Ingredients are used in our products given their excellent nutritional quality and functionality.

We have 3 priorities, preserve the land, the health of those who work it and their consumers.

Vivente promueve el desarrollo social de forma responsable, orgánico y ambientalmente auto-sustentable. Poniendo un gran énfasis en el desarrollo humano, en cada compra apoyas que estos proyectos sociales sigan adelante.


Healthy without leaving the rich

We offer organic and nutritious products of the highest quality, to delight the palate of our consumers, with its exquisite variety of flavors. Developing a wide range of 100% natural foods with high nutritional value offering delicious flavors and unique experiences of healthy eating.

We have an extensive range of products, with unique flavors, ranging from cereals, jams, ice cream and popsicles, chocolates, etc. made with totally natural ingredients, sweetened with mostly organic agave, to meet the different needs and tastes of our consumers.


Together with the support of users and consumers, we reward community work, trying all our members, generating a support network in which each producer can thrive.


TThe purpose is to integrate farmers, their families, ethnic communities and the union of cooperatives.


We contribute to the creation of more employment, thus reducing migration and favoring family union and integration, with the purpose of preserving ethnic groups, such as the Hñahñus, located in the state of Hidalgo, the main farmers with whom the brand collaborates. Improving their quality of life, through programs that benefit the improvement of health, housing and education services. Granting scholarships to young people in the communities in exchange for their commitment and collaboration in jobs that contribute something to the community.

Feel health,
support social actions,
and be VIVENTE.