About Us


Union and rural cooperative

We work under strict rules of respect and fair trade with more than 470 farmers, providing seeds and fertilizers free of harmful chemicals and pesticides for the earth and your health; promoting social development responsibly, organic and environmentally self-sustainable. Also with each purchase of our products we promote social programs for our farmers and the nearby communities of low resources.

We develop patented biotechnology to obtain important ingredients: Organic agave syrup, a natural sweetener and organic agave inulin, a soluble fiber of prebiotic effect. These ingredients are used in our products given its excellent nutritional quality and functionality. We have 3 priorities, Preserve the land, the health of those who work it and their consumers.

In Vivente we know that if you feel good you look good, that´s why we are in a constant search for textures, unique and functional favors of excellent quality flattering your palate without taking care of you.


Healthy without guilt and with a lot of flavor.

Our products are organic, nutritious and 100% natural, to delight the palate of our consumers with its exquisite variety of flavors with high nutritional value, without stop enjoying the sweet and delicious taste in every bite.

We have an extensive range of products, with unique flavors, such as: cereals, jams, ice cream, popsicles, chocolates, etc.; all made with ingredients totally natural, sweetened with organic agave syrup and added with our soluble fiber Metlin, some of our products are made by hand. We strive to meet the different needs and tastes of our consumers.


Vivente reward, along with the support of users and consumers, community work, joining in a support network to our producers and their families so that they can to flourish.


The purpose is to be able to integrate to our value chain the farmers, their families and the ethnic communities that work with us.


In Vivente, we seek to reduce migration by generating more jobs in the communities more disadvantaged and favoring family union and integration; all this with the motive of preserving ethnic groups such as the Hñahñus, located in the state of Hidalgo, main farmers with whom we collaborate; for this we generate programs that benefit the improvement of health, housing and education services.

Our ingredients


Feel in your body the benefits of Metlin, 100% organic blue agave soluble fiber. It does not contain calories and its glycemic index is equal to zero. The consumption of Metlin, strengthens the intestinal flora for its probiotic effect, improves digestion, calcium and magnesium absorption. It has a beneficial immune effect, as it is the food of choice for bifidobacteria and lactobacilli, which help to prevent gastrointestinal conditions, constipation, diabetes, intestinal infections, osteoporosis, obesity, cholesterol and colon cancer.


Contains amino acids, vitamins and minerals, as well as calcium magnesium and potassium, excellent source of fiber and protein.


With A vitamin, thiamine, B6 vitamin and beta-carotene. It contains fiber, is low in cholesterol and fat, is an excellent source of protein and lipids.


High in protein and antioxidants. It contains essential amino acids and E vitamin for proper and balanced nutrition.

Be Healthy, Support Social Actions And Be VIVENTE.